Yunker Associates Architecture (YA) aims to engage individuals intellectually and emotionally through a collaborative design approach. This method includes the use of symbolism, analogy and the functional balancing of opposites; modernity with tradition, solid with void, feminine with masculine, quality with affordability. We seek inspiration from many sources and draw meaning from new interpretations and combinations. The dexterity of our architectural response involves historical precedent, regional vernacular and formal invention which ensures a fresh, ever-evolving perspective in our work.

Our work strives to define a specific architectural response to make each project particular to and uniquely suited for the owner and building site. Respect for our client and the alliance we develop allows for the possibility of transcending expectations. Our designs employ a common sense approach to sustainability embodying a timeless aesthetic, quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Technology, craft and art form the basis for our design expression.  The enlightened combination and contrast of references and ideals creates the opportunity for architecture to become art.

"I'd say you exceeded expectations but, to be honest, we had high expectations from the start. We never doubted your ability to deliver the best and we were certainly correct in that regard."
—Patrick Hunt, Chair, Design Committee, Hazeltine National Golf Club